Joie Tan

With so much talent bubbling underneath, it’s only a matter of time before her name is synonymous with the best local musicians. Her name is Joie, and the local music scene is about to sound a lot better with her.

Only 19 this year, Joie’s foray into the limelight started in 2008 when she joined YouTube. Covers of popular, vocal-heavy songs such as “A Thousand Years” (by Christina Perri) and Come and Get It (by Selena Gomez) were met with tremendously positive reception, and her fan base began to swell. Other local YouTubers took notice of this, and melded their voices with hers in melodious collaborations.

Her svelte, resonant vocals beautify any song that passes through her lips. Her personality intertwines with every note, ensuring that each song is marked with her unique signature. On top of all that, each note is accompanied by an airy aftertouch, a refreshing, reassuring sound that adds serenity to any moment.


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