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26 February 2016 | Words by ScapeInvasion


#CGS! You guys sure kept your energy on an all-time high throughout the entire show. It was a pleasure to have been able to bring you guys the phenomenal LEW and the ever-so-amazing iNCH! 

From the minute you girls sat down in the school hall, all of us knew we weren't dealing with a bunch of quiet kids! From the dancing, the singing, and that mad rush to greet the artistes after show, ya'll were one heck of a RIOT... and we loved it!

Kim from 987fm getting her dance on with your schoolmates in our Rockstar ?game!

The ever-so-lovely Kim, from 987fm, sure hosted the show amazingly! From the amazing games she played, to her cheeky antics, surely she had all you girls going :) It was refreshing to watch you girls get up on your feet to dance and take selfies with Kim – and for all of you lucky winners, enjoy your exclusive *SCAPE Invasion tote bag and all the fun stuff it’s packed with!

For the featured act, we had LEW, the mega talented singer/songwriter with the dreamiest of voices.

We could tell that you girls were completely mesmerised during LEW's set just by the sheer silence and attention you gave this young man as he bared his emotions to all of you. I'm sure by now ya'll can agree that LEW has some incredible pipes on him, and is a brilliant songwriter! For all of you aspiring songwriters out there, learn from LEW as he tells us his top 3 songwriting tips!

Our lovely guest speaker, Priya, from TheOrchard giving us the lay down on a career in the music distribution industry.

Had you been inspired by Priya, do head on over to http://scape.sg/careers to find out more about opening the right doors to get a foot into the creative industry.

iNCH inspiring ya'll with the stories behind the amazing lyric and melody that're her songs.

Headlining the show, iNCH came out and wow-ed all of you with tracks of her records both new and old! Before playing everybody's favourite, 'Wallflower', iNCH shared the story behind this intricate song, in hopes of reaching out to some of you guys. With all you girls clapping, singing, and dancing along, iNCH played her single off her latest record 'Letters to Ubin', 'Mousedeer'. Showing off her vocal/creative prowess and well crafted lyrical genius.


Exchanging laughs post-show with the Artistes at the photo-taking/Meet & Greet session.

After organizing you girls from passionately rushing onto the stage, we're glad all of you had the opportunity to interact with Priya, LEW, and iNCH after the show. If you're looking for the photos, head on down to our facebook page and tag yourselves and your friends!

THE BIGGEST OF THANK YOUS TO #CGS FOR HAVING US! Head on over to @scapeinvasion and follow us on instagram to stand a chance to win amazing merchandise and prizes!


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