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25 February 2016 | Words by ScapeInvasion


#CSS you guys were a blast!!! It was truly our pleasure to be able to bring Nathan Hartono and Charlie to a crowd of students that were so receptive to the joy of music :)

It was truly a spectacle to watch our very own smooth-singing heart throb fom our 2015 line up, Nathan, hand the torch over to one of the most anticipated headliners of 2016. Read more about the 2016 Line-up

Nathan Hartono & his band opening up the show with jazz vibratos and a quick cover of Bieber's 'Love Yourself'. 

With that same smashing energy that made 2015 such an amazing year for *SCAPEInvasion, Nathan took the stage with that signature boyish smile once again. The love and passion for spreading the music was evidently infectious, as the school hall began to fill with incessant cheering. Cheekily slipping in a verse off Bieber's latest hit single, the crowd react as expected - a cheerful singalong in perfect unison.

We think 987's Kim found the selfie king right here amongst your ranks!

The amazing people over at 987fm sent down the beautiful Kimberly, who, as always, got the whole cohort going! (Sorry boys, she's a tiny little bit out of your age group.)

From taking the best selfie, to the best at shredding on an air guitar - it's always amazing to see the smiles on all your faces. The courage of these sporting teens were awarded with an exclusive *SCAPEInvasion Tote bag, packed full of awesome surprises!

Swoon, to the soulful set that Charlie delivered. 'Blah Blah Blues' got not only you guys, but your teachers swaying from side to side as well!

As the cheering subsided from his introduction, the hall fell silent as Charlie started arpeggiating on his guitar. From the silkiness and soulfulness of his amazing voice, to the beautiful, deliberate lyrics, Charlie had everyone, whether student or teacher in awe - the perfect depiction of what practice and passion can result in! 

Students were treated to unplugged versions of the songs off Charlie's latest dual-ep, TIME/SPACE - particularly spectacular was 'Blah Blah Blues' , where the beautifully written poetry behind the lyrics shone strong. 


Some traditions will never be done away with! The staple post-show wefie! Where students, teachers, DJs, and artistes come together for the most epic groupshot ever!


it was our pleasure to bring this programme to all you amazing people of CSS, and we hope you had a blast! 

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