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27 April 2016 | Words by ScapeInvasion

#TJC! From seeing how you guys ran up to stage for the games so enthusiastically with iNCH to standing up and dancing along to the songs with Tim De Cotta and Sezairi, you all were really warm and receiving. We truly loved the vibe. You guys lit up our night!

With our special guest host for the night, and one of the headliners of our line-up as well, iNCH, hyping you guys up, it was inevitable that the night was going to be uh-may-zing... And it sure was.

iNCH and the winner of the selfie-game, Ms. Taekwondo over here!

See that awesome hat iNCH is wearing? YEAP, you guessed right! That's our brand new 2016 *SCAPEInvasion merch that we've collaborated with FLESHIMP to bring to all of you guys! The winners of the games that night all walked away with some exclusive merchandise, so keep your eyes peeled on our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM on how you can get your paws on them!

Funky bassman Tim De Cotta thanking all you beautiful people

It was incredibly awesome of you guys to have gotten on up off your seats once Tim De Cotta took the stage to dance around and get funky with us! 

thisisINCH sharing with you guys her journey as a musician during our speaker segment

We think that one thing our awesome speaker had shared transcends all industries, COMRADES AND COMMUNITY ARE IMPORTANT. So keep those that are passionate about the same things as you close, and never be too proud to help a fellow countryman in need.

Our very excited member of our street team, Gordon, looks so stoked to be holding onto all our merch!

Showing off your dope dance moves during our ROCKSTAR game

Our headliner of the night, Sezairi taking the stage!

 You guys were on your feet the minute Sezairi stepped on that stage! Waving your handphones in the air and singing along - it was such a sight to see you guys so passionate about our homegrown superheroes.


BIGGEST THANK YOU to all you amazing folk at Temasek Junior College, and we hope to see you guys soon :)


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