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27 May 2016 | Words by ScapeInvasion

DJ NATASHA from 987fm kicked off the show with a cheeky selfie from the most charming boys we’ve come across in awhile, in exchange for some pretty dope and exclusive merchandise by *SCAPE Invasion x FLESH IMP. Natasha stirred the crowed in excitement in preparation for the next act by the wonderful boys from Cadence who opened up the show flawlessly! 


Cadence rocking the show


All eyes were on Cadence as they performed with an electrical vigour.

Our next speaker was none other than Japheth who is the bass guitarist for Cadence and was also once a monfort boy himself. His speech was truly inspiring as he shared his experiences studying in Montfort and how he has found a home in his passion in music. He is a testament to never giving up on your dreams and if you continuously work hard enough, your efforts will pay off. 





The Grizzle Grind Crew doing their thang


Thank you for having us Monfort Secondary, it was truly a blast playing for you guys! 

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