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7 March 2016 | Words by ScapeInvasion


#CCH!!!! To be able to bring music to listeners this receptive will always be a huge privilege for us. You guys were clapping along to the soulful tunes of Charlie Lim, and some of you even got up to dance along with the groovy bassman, Tim De Cotta!

You boys and girls sure went wild last Monday afternoon! You guys even had one of your very own grace the stage with our acts to sing an ORIGINAL song! Its always cool to see young talents taking the stage to showcase their gifts :)

The wonderful Kim from 987fm choosing the lucky few that'll stand a chance to win an exclusive goodiebag

You guys sure seemed shy at first, but anyone would be when talking to our pretty host yeah? As soon as you guys warmed up though, ya'll were scurrying over to take a selfie with her! 

A peek at the first act of the day, Mr. Blues himself, Charlie Lim!

We caught some of you guys with your eyes closed and swooning over Charlie's brilliant vocals! As soon as he played some of his more upbeat songs it was such a joy for us to have seen you guys smiling and clapping along! Make sure you guys check out Charlie on instagram @wherewascharlie and on youtube as well!

Our MC for the day, Kim, introducing our educational speaker, Kim!

Kim came on once again to give ya'll a little advice on an alternative career path in the creative industry! She spoke about how she came to be a DJ on 987, and to chase your dreams! If your dream is to be in the creative industry, but don't know how to go about learning more about it, do head over to http://scape.sg/careers to inform yourselves.

Tim and his band, The Warriors, bringing the funk.

It was then time for Tim De Cotta to come on to play all you guys some groovy tunes! With his smooth rhythmns it wasn't long before some of guys started getting up on your feet and dancing! That's the way music should be enjoyed, with you freely expressing yourselves however your body wants to in that moment! Tim himself remarked on how excited he was to see you guys grooving along with him! For those of you avid readers, check our Tim's pick on books we should take a look at!

Yup! That's our logo alright!

The day ended on a high with a meet & greet session where the musicians got to meet and speak to some of you :) We hope you guys had an as awesome time as we did!!!

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