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25 April 2016 | Words by ScapeInvasion

#CCSS?l!! Wish we could've spent more time with you guys, but we're glad that you all enjoyed the experience with iNCH, Jaime Wong and ShiGGa Shay. Also shout out to our official sponsor Flesh Imp!! For the lucky winners, hope you guys liked the goodie bags filled with our 2016 merch!

iNCH was our special guest host once again — LUCKY YOU GUYS! Thank you all for being such great sports for all the games, and for being so eager to walk away with our awesome merch that we've collaborated with Flesh Imp to bring you guys!

iNCH holding onto one of our FLESHIMP X *SCAPE Invasion bags filled with tshirts, caps, and everything awesome.


Present you, the winners of the SELFIE GAME and the proud owners of some *SCAPE Invasion Merch!


Jaime Wong, telling stories in her songs

It's always amazing to watch an audience listen to Jaime Wong's music - it's like watching people at a book reading, intrigued by the stories that are being told to them. We were certainly pleased that all of you guys loved her set as she shared her life with ya'll.

Evan Low, Music Producer and our speaker for this show!

Evan Low has worked with everyone from The Sam Willows and Gentlebones, to iNCH and Charlie Lim. He shared with all of you guys the importance of following your dreams and believing in your passions. 

4 of your friends, now rockstars, and proud owners of our merch :)


Our Headliner, ShIGGa Shay and the Grizzle Grind Crew to get you guys moving!

As Dj NashD the man behind ShiGGa's production and playing the beats during his life set took the stage to hype you guys up, and as the beat for the rapper's hit, 'Limpei' came on, you guys were all screaming as ShiGGa took the stage. 

THANK YOU #CSS for vibing along with our favourite Lion City Kia's sick bars, and for being so receptive to our local talent!


You Guys Reppin' That #GGC during our Meeet & Greet!

Thanks for having us Christ Church Sec, all of us on the *SCAPE Invasion crew will definitely miss your enthusiasm. Till next time, keep supporting music made on our shores ;)




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