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24 May 2016 | Words by ScapeInvasion

This time round we had a new face in *SCAPE Invasion, who was none other than DJ NATASHA from 987FM! She did a fantastic job keeping the Hwa Chong Students laughing and entertained. By the time the games had started you peeps were so comfortable that the Auditorium burst into a cacophony of shouts and volunteers. You all put on your pretty faces for the selfie game and for the rock star game, you unleashed the beast winning for yourself some exclusive *SCAPE Invasion x Flesh Imp merch! 

Nat in the house

The Rolling Stone would be proud

Our first act is indie singer/songwriter Joie Tan. Together with her band she performed some of her original songs taken from aspects of her life. Her jazzy rhythms and melodies got our feet a tapping and received loud whoops and appreciation from the audience. It was truly storytelling magic, or should I say music. If you wanna keep the good vibes going check out JOIE TAN

Good vibes all around

Our guest speaker for the day was the National Arts Council’s Youth Manager Jian Ping. A musician himself, he shared about the influences of music and the arts had on his life, and how it shaped him as a person. At one point in his heart-warming story the audience let out a loud collective ‘AWWWWW!’ Glad you enjoyed the talk!

Heart to heart with Jian Ping

For our final act, we had the soulful Charlie Lim. Just a man and his guitar, this crooner captured the hearts of many girls, and boys albeit for different reasons I would imagine (or the same, its 2016 after all). It was also his birthday, and the audience actually sang him an impromptu Happy Birthday song! Thank you so much guys! Now if you want to be serenaded do check out CHARLIE LIM

Heart-melting performance

Finally you all got to get up close and personal with our musicians who was just as happy to meet you as you were to meet them!


And so our Invasion comes to an end. Though it was brief, we formed memories to last a life time. We hope you will join us in our love for local music or even contribute to it. For now we bid you goodbye, and with our goodbye we also say welcome. You are now part of our family. Till next time Hwa Chong, please don't stop the music!

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