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8 March 2016 | Words by ScapeInvasion


#PSS! From watching you guys attentively listen to the wonderfully written stories told through Jaime Wong's music, to singing along (a Justin Bieber song nonetheless) and dancing to Sign of Five, we had such a blast invading your school!

Wah. You guys super on. From running up to play games with the lovely Sonia Chew from 987fm, to singing, dancing, and clapping along to our acts - ya'll were fyahhh (hehe we caught some of your teachers groovin' as well!!!).

Rockstar pose on point bros.

You guys definitely stepped up to the task as Sonia played the rockstar game with all of you! Just look at those poses — if we didn't know better, we'd have thought that you guys were already seasoned rockstars. We hope you guys enjoyed the exclusive *SCAPE Invasion bags ya'll received!

Singer, Songwriter, Story Teller. 

We spotted you guys out there, quietly listening to each word Jaime sung - soaking in the beautiful stories that she had strung together with melody. As she played ‘Skin' we even saw some of your teachers drawn in by the poetically depressing story within a beautiful song. Click here if you want to know more about Jaime, and her music.

Sonia taking the stage once again to tell the story of how she's got to where she is today

Our wonderful host shares with all of you about an alternative path - that sometimes, making the decision to do what you believe in, and are passionate about, can lead to success as well. She talked about choosing poly over junior college, and through hard work and determination, she made it in the entertainment industry. If you too want to choose a path into the creative industry — anything from being a radio DJ, a graphic designer, or even a dancer or singer, head on over to www.scape.sg/careers to find out how to get yourselves started.

Sign Of Five, playing their hit song 'Here We Go' and super special cover as well ;)

On the Bieber's birthday itself, the boys from Sign of Five paid homage to him by playing his hit song Love Yourself. It was clear that you guys knew the song as you guys were screaming the lyrics back at them! It was awesome to watch you guys all sing and sway in unison as the boys played their set! Find out more about Sign Of Five right now!

WEFIE!!!!! Spot yourselves, and head on over to our Facebook to tag you and your friends in all the photos right now!

Best. Class. Photo. Ever.

Hope you guys had half the fun we did! AND TILL NEXT TIME PSS, adios!




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