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10 June 2016 | Words by ScapeInvasion

“I’m Joakim Gomez!” blared the loud speakers as 987fm DJ Joakim took the stage. It was a homecoming for him, being an ex-Chong Boon student. And the school sure gave him a BIG Chong Boon welcome! He then pulled out students from the crowd to play some games. It was a laughing good time seeing the fun interactions between the past and present of the school. Also some great Flesh Imp x *SCAPE Invasion merch was given away too! To see more Flesh Imp click here!

The Past leading the Present

Our first musical act was the acoustic trio the HubbaBubbas! The members, Mervyn, Stephanie and Ryan gave an interesting take on acoustic music. With vocal beats and bass, the crisp sound of the acoustic guitar, and finally topped off with an angelic voice, is it any wonder really why the students thoroughly enjoyed the performance? But the best was yet to come! A couple of Chong Boon beatboxers then took to the stage, and together with Ryan and Mervyn stunned the crowd with their amazing talent, while Stephanie watched on recording the whole thing. We absolutely love it when we get to experience music done by you! Thank you for that. Now if you enjoyed the music of the HubbaBubbas, click here!

Chong Boon got Talent

Our Speaker for the day has got to be none other that ex-Chong Boon-ian Joakim Gomez. It’s hard not to notice he is ex-Choon Boon considering that his face is plastered on the wall of the entrance of the school and and in the school hall. Also to thoroughly enhance the experience, he appeared fully clad in his school uniform drawing loud cheers from the school. He shared a few stories from his school days before sharing his journey to where he is now. We hope you enjoyed the talk and got motivated by it!

DJ Joakim of Chong Boon

For last act of the day we had our very own iNCH. Her soothing vocals accompanied by her electric guitar was a beautiful juxtaposition that was pleasing to the senses. And of course it helped that she looked cool and rockin' standing up there on stage with the *SCAPE Invasion x Flesh Imp cap while dancing with her ivory white guitar! To hear more of her, check out iNCH


iNCH impressing with her musical chops

Photos of you and me

All good things must come to an end. But we hope that we left as big an impression on you as you did on us. Music talent is very much alive in this school, let us nurture it together. 


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