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8 June 2016 | Words by ScapeInvasion

It started with a bang! A collective ear shattering scream pierced the air on the onset of the introduction of *SCAPE invasion. That set the tone for what was to come! The moment DJ Kim from 987fm came out, you could feel the palpable excitement festering within the crowd. When she called for volunteers, students sprung up and made a mad dash to get to her from all directions, almost knocking her over! We're glad you had fun, and enjoy your exclusive Flesh Imp X *SCAPE Invasion merch! Check out more Flesh Imp here

The Kim and I

For our first act of the day we had the always funky, always groovy, Tim De Cotta. This soulman spliced deep jazzy numbers with his up tempo rap. He got the student population clapping along to the beat! There was even a surprise appearance by Ryan, one third of the HubbaBubbas. His freestyle beat boxing synced perfectly with De Cotta's bass guitar. It was an awesome sight to behold! To see more of Tim, click here!

Tim and Ryan in perfect union

For our speaker today we had Kim, who ran offstage only to run back onstage again to reintroduce herself, drawing laughter from the crowd. She shared about her formative years and how she got into the DJ business. The main lesson was that you'll never know till you try. So guys get out there and try! You may have talents you never even realised.

Everything is possible says Kim possible!

Our final act of the day was iNCH! And once again she never fails to impress. Singing songs that came from her heart, personal stories and feelings she felt growing up. It was the relatable experience of growing pains. The students and teachers sat enthralled. To find out more about iNCH click here.

iNCHing her way into our hearts


Overall, we simply loved the experience. You guys were fantastic! With much love from us to you, we hope to see you again real soon! Goodbye for now Jurong Sec!



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