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27 May 2016 | Words by ScapeInvasion

Big things come in small packages. That was the case at Balestier Hill Secondary School, where we played an incredible and intimate show with JAWN and Gareth Fernandez. The show was hosted by the lovely Inch Chua who eased the crowd into the show with a small game for the students to have a chance to win exclusive merch with *SCAPE Invasion x FLESH IMP 

Talented Air-Musicianists


JAWN started off the set by serenading the crowd with his music, it was no surprise that the students were quickly immersed with his soulful performance; pulling the heart strings of many. 

Flaunting their moves, Balestier Hill Sec students were not shy in trying to get their hands on our goodie bags. 


Next up Gareth Fernandez and The Momma Shop rocked the crowd with their flamboyant jazzy tunes. 


JAWN even came up on stage for a Riff Off with Gareth in good spirit. 




As the show came to a close, the students had a chance to get up close and personal with both JAWN and Gareth. Which meant selfies and defies galore! Though it was definitely a new experience for us, Balestier Hill Secondary was such a darling to perform to, making it so much more intimate and personal with both the students and ourselves. 



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